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Online dating as a hole has developed into an organized and popular niche on the Internet. The fact that you try to seduce a person you though attractive from distance sounds very appealing to many people. This sort of approach saves time and stress.

But what if you want to date Latin people specifically? That doesn’t sound like a tall order – many people all over the world would like to do the same, for obvious reasons. But where do you start? What do you do when you’ve started? How do you achieve success? What solutions do you use?

Now, all these questions are common, and there are tons of answers to them. Let’s cover the most important of them as extensively as possible.

Modern situation

There are many reasons why one would want to date Latin Americans, and some coincide with the reasons people online adore Russian and Japanese women, as well:

  1. There’s common belief that they are beautiful to the very last one
  2. Interacting with them is an exotic experience
  3. They are supposed to be passionate for Westerners

So, some of these broad statements aren’t unique for Latin Americans but can actually be applied to many ethnicities across the world. That is not to say that there’s no reason to like Hispanics, and there are lots – but they mostly just express one’s own preferences.

Latina Dating Site Couple
Latina Couple

These three statements, however, are what people believe en masse in addition to their preferences, and that’s not entirely right. Some of them are partially true (generally), but if you continue to follow this line of thought as an absolute truth, you’re going to be in trouble, and here’s why.

Dangers of Latin Dating

The problems with trying to date women and men that are broadly considered attractive in popular imagination (however close to the actuality it can be) is that malicious platforms know that you believe it

If you were to just enter the first dating website specialized for dating Latin you see, you will likely notice a lot of profiles with attractive Latinos and Hispanics in them. And you know what? There’s no telling whether they are fake or true until you try it out at your own expanse.

It is a common and highly popular way of scamming people. These dating websites and apps simply reinforce this belief that there are lots of good-looking Latin American women. An even more efficiency trick would be to make them look desperate and passionate for an average American or European.

Yeah, no – many of these are fake profiles. If you want to talk to real Latin people, you need to follow a few principles.

How to not get scammed

If you have common sense and/or some experience on dating apps, you’ll know how to distinguish fake users from real living human being. It really should not be a topic for a guide, but since many people get scammed anyway, here you go.

The first thing you should consider is getting an app that doesn’t actively try to scam you – at least not by giving you fake profiles. There are several steps you can do to ensure the app is not malicious:

Latin Dating Work Principies
No Scam On LatinDating
  1. Don’t pick a Latin-specific app if you can help it
  2. If you can’t help it, pick the apps that have the most people – they are less likely to just blatantly give you a fake profile. It wouldn’t make sense to sustain that many accounts if they could just charge subscription fees off the real people
  3. Just picking big apps that charge you fees is a good idea, although it might not be comfortable for some

You could potentially view reviews about them, and that’s reasonably if you go through a lot of them because most reviews are negative and borderline false because the app made these people pay them money to. But, in fact, it’s the free apps that will likely try to scam you. That’s all generalization, there are exceptions everywhere.

Selecting an app

But the reason because you’d want to pick something else other than a non-specific app is because you will be able to see real Latin people with 100% certainty. Now, granted, you’ll likely have to pick an app that meets one of both of these requirements:

  1. You can change your location at whim
  2. There are lots of users from Latin America

It would also be nice to be able to sort by ethnicity, but most worthwhile dating apps already have this. If the one you use does not, then it’s just the matter of looking a bit longer.

How to look for Latin Americans

Although it is an absolutely easy task, there are several nuances that can make this process more effective.

Generally, you’d want to ask yourself this: ‘Where do these people even live?’ If your app has a lot of users and you know there are Latin people in your area, you can just sort by ethnicity and see who’s around. However, if you live somewhere in Europe, it’s not going to work at all and all you’ll find is a number of fake profiles.

You can expect some much better results if you either live where the Latin people would usually live or just set the location on your app to show results from the Latin American countries. But it’s also tricky, because not all apps are equally popular in these countries, and not all of them also speak English

Prime locations

But generally, even if you don’t live anywhere near the Latin Americans in your area, if you know where they live you’ll be able to find someone for long-distance contact. And the best place would not be any South American country, contrary to what you may expect. Here are the locations from the most to least effective:

  1. South-West of US – including Texas, California and New Mexico in particular;
  2. Mexico – the bit cities in particular;
  3. The Caribbean;
  4. South America
  1. Chile and Argentina
  2. Brazil
  3. Other countries
Succesful Dating Places
Locations For Dating

The criteria of choice here would be the ability of local people to speak English, in addition to how close they are to the usual Western mindset. If any of that doesn’t sound important to you, then you can choose whatever country you want. If you have a favorite, then by all means – do pick that one, it’s not even a competition.

The list can also obviously change to ‘whatever you want’ if you speak Spanish, with some exception. As you doubtless know, you would need Portuguese to be fluent with Brazilians, as well as French for Guiana.

Changing your location

If you know there is a bit Hispanic community in your area, then you’re lucky. However, more often than not you’ll have to change your geolocation to another place where these people live in abundance.

And it may be a problem, because there is no telling whether an app supports this. Most general-use dating apps only show you users about 100 km away from where you are precisely. So, you can’t usually change your location to a preferred position instead.

Free Membership Acces
Premium Dating App

Some apps and websites (websites specifically) allow you to do it – mostly down to cities, which is great. You could just switch to some big city in California. Even that poses a problem, however. Does your app allow sorting by ethnicity or not? If it doesn’t, then you’ll have to endure.

However, there is a shortcut. If your app doesn’t allow you to sort by ethnicities, it will likely allow you to sort by languages. By picking Spanish (it’s even better if multiple languages are allowed) you’ll find Latin American matches immediately. Probe them for speaking English. If they do – great. If not – better luck next time.


If your app doesn’t allow you to change positions that easily, you can simply use VPN. If you don’t have one and you don’t feel like getting it, then you can just change the app to the one that allows you to switch your location. It’s that simple – you have a full toolbox of opportunities.

Latin Dating VPN Aviability
VPN Aviability

With VPN, you’ll just have to switch to one of the Hispanic cities with a VPN server in them. 100 km away from this server, all the people with the same app will be right in your phone.

Is it worth it?

If that sounds like too much work for you, then it really doesn’t. It’ll just take you a few more minutes. That is worth doing, because there aren’t too many well-known trustworthy Latin dating apps. Furthermore, the ones that are decent aren’t usually well-populated.

Hookup Dating Online
Top Hookup Sites

And even then, some of them can suffer from the same problems. It’s just a matter of picking the right dating solution.

Top Latin dating websites

After all this deliberation, you likely want to know the best Latin dating websites, from our perspective. We have a few solutions just for that occasion, and we specifically picked several slightly different apps just so you could try different approaches, as mentioned above.

Latina Hookup Dating Websites
Popular Hookup Websites

#1 – Zoosk

Zoosk is an interesting solution that fits your needs precisely. In terms of features, it is very much like all other dating apps (such as Tinder or Bumble) but with way more sorting settings. You can sort by ethnicity and even change your precise location to any other city in the world.

Zoosk Latina Dating
Zoosk Dating

In addition, you’ll be able to pick language and several other preferences specifically for you. It is a rather popular app, so don’t worry about getting just a few results – there’ll be lots of matches. And, in addition, it’s also massively popular in the American South-West, which may give you a few ideas.

#2 – Badoo

Badoo can let you change your location, although it’s not really comfortable, and it’s not really this app’s biggest upside. The biggest upside is that it’s a massive app that is also massively popular among the Latin American people. It’s especially popular with Brazilians, believe it or not.

Latina Dating Available Countries
Badoo In Latina Countries

So, if you figure out how to change your location with this app or just move to South America for a vacation, you’ll be able to find a lot of people. This deep pool of matches will also allow you to be picky if you want to. This makes sure you have more chance to find the one person who fits your personality better than others.

#3 – AmoLatina

AmoLatina is a dating app specifically tailored for the use by Latin Americans. It will allow you to change your location, and there will obviously be a lot of Hispanics. It is, however, a Latin-specific app, which means the owners can very much try to scam you. However, you might give them a chance.

Strict Latina Dating
AmoLatina Site

After all, it’s a reasonably big and popular solution used my many real people. There is a chance you’ll meet a fake profile (either set there by the app owners or one of the users), but it’s better than many other apps in the open access.

Which one do I pick?

It’s not a very critical choice – you can use all of them at once. It all depends on your own preferences and whether you can use these apps properly. And after all, they are all made differently – you can even pick the one most appealing to you design-wise or construction-wise. Just do what you feel is better you yourself.

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Pick Favorite Site

In conclusion

This is just an opinion, not even a guide. You don’t really need to conduct a massive research just to figure out how to date Latin people better. Of course, it’ll probably help you, but don’t take anything written here too close to heart. If you have a better idea, absolutely go for it and don’t put this opinion above your own.

Hookup Latina women Conclusion
Latina Dating Conclusion